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For many years, educationalists have realised the importance of musical instrument tuition in the development of children. The satisfaction gained by musical progression in a child’s development is reflected in a tremendous increase in confidence and motivation.

However, with schools working to limited budgets in all departments, many children are not given the opportunity to study a musical instrument because schools cannot afford sufficient numbers of instruments to cater for demand, having to work to ‘FIRST COME, FIRST SERVED’. Some children who miss the opportunity to play a musical instrument will have musical talents which remain undiscovered, not to mention missing out on years of fun.



Here’s how it works:

The hirer completes a rental agreement and Standing Order form. At this time the hirer agrees to keep the instrument and pay for the instrument for the minimum hire period. The initial payment is taken at this time and all subsequent rental payments are collected by Standing Order every 3 months. 

·          Return Options

Just return the instrument to the shop in good condition. (Advance rental charges cannot be refunded)

·          Purchase Options

The instrument can be purchased at any time, with 50% of all rental charges deducted from the price (up to a maximum of 7 payments). After 8 payments have been made the instrument is yours to keep.

­Here's an Example

Vivace Flute 

Rental Scheme Purchase Price £199.00     Rental Fee £35.00

Purchase after one year (4 rental periods)

Rental charges to be deducted 50% of (4x£35)        £70.00

Balance to Pay                                                     £129.00


 Please Note, In order to rent an instrument you will need to bring to The Music Cellar:-

  • Identification (with name and address

  • Bank Details (account number, sort cose & bank address

  • You will need to pay with a credit or debit card



  Instrument Rental Scheme - Autumn 2016          
      Rental Scheme
3 Month Hire  
      Purchase Price
  Vivace Flute   £249.00
  Trevor James 3041EAW Flute   £399.00
  Yamaha YFL212 Flute   £570.00

  Elkhart Clarinet   £199.00
  Buffet "Prodige" Clarinet   £425.00
  Yamaha YCL255S Clarinet   £535.00

  Yamaha YOB241 Oboe   £1,499.00

  Elkhart 100AS Alto Saxophone   £375.00
  Trevor James Classic II Alto Saxophone   £529.00
  Yamaha YAS280 Alto Saxophone   £985.00

  Elkhart 100TS Tenor Saxophone   £575.00
  Trevor James Classic II Tenor Saxophone   £749.00
  Yamaha YTS280 Tenor Saxophone   £1,365.00
  Elkhart 100TR Trumpet   £189.00
  Yamaha YTR2330 Trumpet   £435.00

  Elkhart 100CR Cornet   £219.00
  Yamaha YCR2330III Cornet   £649.00

  Elkhart 100TB Trombone   £249.00
  Yamaha YSL354 Trombone   £745.00

  Elkhart Mini French Horn (Bb or F)   £349.00
  Rosetti Full Double French Horn   £595.00

  Elkhart 100AH Tenor Horn   £349.00
  Yamaha YAH203 Tenor Horn   £1,374.00

  Elkhart 100BH Baritone Horn   £419.00
  Yamaha YBH301 Baritone Horn   £1,899.00

  Elkhart 100EH Euphonium   £549.00

  Elkhart 100TUE Eb Tuba   £1399.00




  Stentor Student I Violin   £134.00
  Stentor Student II Violin   £177.00

  Stentor Student Viola   £195.00

  Stentor Student I Cello (4/4)   £534.00
  Stentor Student II Cello (4/4)   £722.00
  Stentor Student I Cello (3/4)   £512.00
  Stentor Student II Cello (3/4)   £710.00
  Stentor Student I Cello (1/2)   £485.00
  Stentor Student II Cello (1/2)   £630.00