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Yamaha DD65 Drum Machine

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Yamaha DD65 Drum Machine
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Price: £199.00
Availability: Usually dispatched from stock
Model: KBD/DD65

Yamaha DD65 Drum Machine

Everything you need for some serious drumming - in one affordable table-top package.

8 touch-sensitive drum pads and real drum kit layout for easy playing. Angle of pads is specially designed for maximum ease of playing.

8-pad digital drum system

Eight touch responsive drum pads allow for expressive drumming with hands or drumsticks. Each pad is velocity sensitive, so that all performance dynamics are perfectly reproduced. Playing can be as expressive as on an acoustic instrument.

Hand percussion mode

Hand percussion responds to the pressure of hands in an accurate way that sounds exactly like the real thing - great for those bongo and conga sessions!

Assignable percussion voices

A wide variety of percussion voices provide for a variety of percussion sounds, from rock to rap and beyond. The percussion voices can be assigned to each pad, to recreate classic drumkit sounds, or to create wild combinations of percussion instruments.


This jack is for connection to an external audio source such as an MP3 player or CD. You can play the instrument with backing music and accompaniment, like playing with a full band.

Recording your Performances

Up to five of your performances can be saved to this instrument, and these songs can be played in the same manner as the preset songs.

Headphone jack & drum sticks

A headphone jack for drumming in private, and included drumsticks make it easy to get started quickly.

Yamaha DD65 Drum Machine
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Yamaha DD65 Drum Machine
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