Yamaha PSRA350 Oriental Keyboard

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Yamaha PSRA350 Oriental Keyboard
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Price: £289.00
Availability: Out of Stock - but Available to Order
Model: KBD/PSRA350

The PSR-A350 is a home keyboard packed with authentic Oriental content. Featuring a 61-key touch sensitive keyboard, custom scale tunings and many other features.


Powerful, realistic sound

Building on the superb PSR-A300, the new PSR-A350 features higher quality sampled voices and an optimised built-in speaker system which sounds better than ever.

A wide variety of high-quality Voices, Styles and Arpeggiators including realistic Oriental content

The PSR-A350 features a wide variety of high-quality Voices, Styles and Arpeggiators including realistic Oriental content inherited from high-end models such as the renowned PSR-A2000/3000.

Arabic, Maghreb, Khaligi, Iranian, Turkish and Greek content are all featured.

A total of 613 high-quality instrument Voices including

  • 1 Sweet! Voice,
  • 3 Cool! Voices
  • 3 Dynamic Voices
  • 45 Oriental Voices
  • 19 Oriental Drum Kits
  • 210 accompaniments Styles including
  • 26 Arabic Styles
  • 25 Khaligi Styles
  • 11 Magherebi Styles
  • 23 Iranian Styles
  • 20 Turkish Styles
  • 10 Greek Styles
  • 150 Arpeggiators (including 5 Oriental)

Scale Setting buttons with Memory Banks & Pitch Bend Wheel

The scale setting buttons allow you to create custom scale tuning by altering each of the 12 scale steps. You can change the scale settings at any time, even when you are playing.

The scale tune memory function allows you to store four of your own scales and recall them instantly whenever you wish.

The pitch bend wheel allows you to control pitch in real-time to add realistic expression to your playing.

USB to Host & 10 user banks for Styles

You can connect the keyboard to your PC via the USB to Host terminal to transfer data. 10 Style user banks allow you to store and use external Styles. You can also connect an iPhone, iPod touch or iPad to experience a new dimension of MIDI control with apps. (**)

**For iOS device connection, refer to the "iPhone/iPad Connection Manual"

Audio AUX IN & Melody Suppressor Function

By connecting an external audio player to the AUX IN jack, you can play along with your favourite songs. The advanced vocal/melody suppressor lowers the volume of vocals and melody lines in the original recordings, leaving that part open for you to play.(***)

***Depending on the song, the volume of the melody part may not be affected.

Use Master EQ to adjust the sound

The PSR-A350 is equipped with a preset Master EQ that allows you to adjust the nuances of the keyboard sound with settings such as Bright and Boost, making it easier to get exactly the sound you like.

9 Registration Memories

Registration Memory allows the user to save panel settings as a 'snapshot' to a Registration Memory location and then instantly recall the settings by pressing a single button.

Useful functions for learning and practice

The 5 song/2 track recorder helps to achieve efficient practice sessions while Duo mode allows two people to play together on identical keyboard sections. This can be very useful when performing live or during lessons.


The PSR-A350 features Yamaha Education Suite lesson functions which offer a total of nine stages - three for the left hand, three for the right, and three for both hands. This helps keyboard students to practice the songs stored in the instrument. There's a scoring function that makes it fun to practice, and a waiting function that adjusts the tempo to the person playing, pausing the accompaniment until the correct note is played.

Yamaha PSRA350 Oriental Keyboard
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Yamaha PSRA350 Oriental Keyboard
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