Miyazawa PB202E Flute - part Brogger System

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Miyazawa PB202E Flute - part Brogger System
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Price: £2,595.00
Availability: Out of Stock - but Available to Order
Model: FLT/MIY/PB202E

Miyazawa PB202E Flute - part Brogger System


  • Hand-finished flute
  • Hand-cut .925 solid headjoint
  • Option to upgrade the headjoint with a 9k red riser
  • Closed hole, offset G with E mechanism
  • Silver-plated body and mechanism
  • Split E mechanism
  • French-style ‘pointed’ key-arms
  • Partial 'Brogger System™' mechanism (see below)
  • Includes leatherette-bound wood case and maintenance accessories


The Partial Brogger System
The Miyazawa PB102, PB202 and PB402 (fomerly PA-102, PA-202 and PA-402) models have Brogger System™ in the left hand of the flute. This mechanism, exclusively available on Miyazawa flutes, increases the action speed and stability of the keywork on the flute: using non-rotating shafts and back connectors for all the main line keys, the most common left-hand binding keywork and misadjustments are eliminated.

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