Musical Instrument Repair

Choosing and buying a musical instrument is just the beginning. During the many years of playing to follow, it is possible that problems may develop and repairs may need conducting.

At The Music Cellar, we feel a comprehensive selection of maintenance and repairs is an essential offering to exceed our customers’ expectations. Indeed, without this facility we couldn’t hold the reputation we’ve strived to establish with our customers over the last five decades. As such, we will ensure it will always perform correctly, and will endeavour to look after it for as long as it remains yours.

The Music Cellar has a comprehensive workshop for repairs of woodwind, brass and string instruments. We have made a substantial investment in equipment and training to ensure we can offer the services that is an essential consideration of anyone who owns a quality musical instrument. Many minor warranty repairs can be completed while you wait.

All new instruments purchased from The Music Cellar have our Lifetime Warranty; any repair necessary that isn’t a result of misuse or neglect or general wear and tear, is carried out free of charge. All you have to do is get the instrument to us and pick it up upon completion.

Occasionally, more involved repairs are contracted out a specialist repairer. Rest assured, these specialists have been carefully selected and vetted by ourselves, and we hold the belief that we have access to some of the best repairers in the country.

We always recommend customers seeking repairs, maintenance or advice contact us prior to travelling to our shop, as we cannot account for the volume of either customers present in the shop, or instruments currently in the queue for repair.

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Repair and Maintenance – Questions, Queries and Advice

If you think you may have a problem with, or just want advice about how to look after your instrument – get in touch with us. We pride ourselves on drawing on our collective experience to inform you with quality, considered advice and suggestions.

There’s no such thing as a stupid question in our business, so don’t feel shy or silly – we’re friendly and here to help you. Click the “Contact us” button above to communicate with us.