Aria FEB-F2/FL/STBR Acoustic Fretless Bass Guitar, Stained Brown Finish



  • FRETLESS FINGERBOARD: It can be fairly said that sound of fretless bass is irreplaceable and very unique. Side position dot marks are placed for accurate note pitching. Enjoy and experience the warm and mellow acoustic low-tone voice.
  • F-HOLE: Classic F-Hole design brings about a nice antiquated taste as well as delivering a powerful tone.
  • PIEZO PICKUP: Piezo pickup is mounted under the saddle. Mellow acoustic bass tone can be controlled with the built-in AEQ-4 preamp.ARIA AEQ-4B PRE-AMP
    Equipped with Aria AEQ-4B Pre-Amp which comes with individual volume, bass, middle, treble, and presence controls. A handy built-in tuner and battery check indicator is also mounted.

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