Cort CM150B Bass Amp



  • HIGH-POWERED 150W OUTPUT – The first high-powered bass amplifier from Cort, the 150-watt output will provide enough clean volume for most live playing situations from small rooms to medium-sized stages.
  • TWO MID KNOBS – The CM150B features two controls for the all-critical midrange: Low Mid and High Mid. This allows for the player to fine-tune the mids to best suit the type of instrument to his/her liking and expand the tonal range of the amplifier. In conjunction with the Treble and Bass controls, the two Mid controls will provide a wide range of sounds suitable for virtually any playing style and musical genre.
  • EFFECTS LOOP ON BACK PANEL – An effects loop with dedicated Send and Return jacks allow for connecting outboard effects such as graphic EQ, parametric EQ, and time-based effects such as chorus, delay and reverb, further expanding the sonic capabilities of the amplifier.
  • LINE OUT FOR MIXER – A balanced XLR output jack is provided to connect the amp’s output direct to a mixing board in the studio or during live performance for direct connection to the venue’s PA system. Whether for recording or live usage, the XLR line out provides additional flexibility and versatility.
  • GND LIFT – The Ground Lift push switch eliminates ground loop hum to assure noise-free performance.
  • AUX IN & HEADPHONE INPUT – The Auxiliary input allows you to connect your smartphone or digital music player to the amplifier and play along with your favorite music. The headphone jack can be used to practice late at night or in quiet environments, making the CM150B a versatile amp that can be used in variety of playing situations.

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