An Introduction

Welcome To The Music Cellar!

From our founding in 1975 to today, we’ve strived to be a centre of excellence in the musical industry. Our continued connection with our customers is central to this goal, and being now in the information era, we’ve decided to move past carrier pigeons, horseback couriers, and smoke signals towards the sci-fi concepts of Social Media, contact forms, and email. To that end, welcome to our new site!

Designed from the ground up to showcase our wide range of products and services better than ever before, we’re proud to begin conducting business from this new webspace, and have been looking forward to welcoming customers old and new to this new environment.

We’re confident from the off that the site is both a marked improvement in accessibility and ease of use, however, please, bear with us while we continue to update our stock, fix any issues we may find, and tweak features of this site.

We’re always open to new suggestions on this new site, so please get in touch with us using the button below with any suggestions or feedback.

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Bespoke Services

Years of collective experience in the industry means we pride ourselves as a team  in delivering our expertise in procurement and supply of instruments of a huge range of types.


Tailored Repairs

Our investments in both equipment and our staff training has resulted in us being at the forefront of repair and service work in the Music Industry in the North West and beyond.


A Fixture Of The Industry

We’ve spent our decades in the industry building a rapport with the finest instrument producers, accessory manufacturers, and repair specialists, giving a solid foundation from which we can supply the buying public, bands, venues, schools and music services.

With historical presence in Blackburn, Chorley and Preston (now our sole site of business), our ethos and services have been a constant presence in Lancashire over the last five decades, giving us a fantastic customer base that we’re proud to serve.

Going forward

Our hopes are that this new site will serve both as a storefront for our customers, and a suitable point of direction to our physical store and services.

We’re also planning several series of blog posts in the future, detailing the work we do, products we keep in, and other ancillary topics, and invite customers old and new along for the ride.