Holding Cort


We’re happy to showcase our new shipment of Cort gear today, fresh from our supplier. We’re really pleased with the stuff we’ve gotten, and have been keen on playing around with them, we hope this selection will entice you all during the back to school days, and the eventual run up to Christmas. (Sorry to bring up the dread C-word, but it pays to plan ahead!)

Acoustic Delights

Primarily, we’ve taken delivery of a restock of our evergreen favourite models, the AP550M, a mahogany parlour that gives a great sound that belies its small body shape, and the AF510M, a similar mahogany open-pored acoustic, but in a Concert model style body.

We’ve also received some new exciting prospects to showcase. The Earth60M and L60M follow the 550 and 510 in their all-mahogany construction, but have solid tops, the consistent grain of which will improve sustain and resonance. The L60M makes use of a concert model, similar to the 510, while the Earth60M is a dreadnought, allowing access to the deeper tones of a larger body chamber.

Finally, we decided to change up the mahogany top of the AF510M for the classic style of the spruce-topped standard AF510. Spruce is the traditionally-used top on acoustic guitars, and will give a brighter contrast to the warmer tones of its mahogany-topped sibling.

Specs At a glance:
  • AP550M: Parlour body, all mahogany.
  • AF510M: Concert body, all mahogany.
  • Earth60M: Dreadnought body all mahogany,¬†solid top.
  • L60M: Concert body, all mahogany, solid top.
  • AF510: Concert body, spruce top, mahogany back and sides.
Specs At a glance:
  • AF30: 30w, mic and instrument inputs, 4-band EQ, notch, FX and reverb, 1×8″ woofer with single tweeter.
  • AF60: 60w, mic and instrument inputs, 4-band EQ, notch, FX and reverb, 2×8″ woofer with single tweeter.
  • CM15R: 15w, clean and overdrive channels, 3-band EQ, reverb, 1×8″ speaker, available in Black, Dark Blue and Dark Red.

To eleven.

Secondly, we’ve got our hands on some amplifiers. We’ve been very much impressed with the AF series of acoustic amps. While at first glance, they seem not as fully-featured as some acoustic amps on the market, the tweakability afforded by the front panels of the AF30 and AF60 have impressed us substantially.

The four-band EQ sliders are a compact solution normally taken up by four full-sized controls, and this along with the notch controls allows for either a set-and-forget player or a venue traveller to shape their sound as they please. The DSP chorus and delay, and the separate reverb control are a welcome bonus on top of this already flexible amp series. Both controls are identical between the 30w and 60w variants, so the choice is down to application the amp is needed for, smaller or larger spaces!

We’ve also taken the chance to get in Cort’s CM15R range of practise amplifiers. The small size of these amps belies their excellent volume and surprising amount of “push” that can be given to them. The three-band EQ and digital reverb serve as an excellent gateway to new players looking to shape their sound for the first time, as well as appealing to long-time players looking for something more dainty than an amp stack. They are available in classy options of colours, Black, Dark Blue, and Dark Red, all with a central white band of tolex as a flourish.

All these products are available to order now, and are available to try before you buy in our shop. We always recommend trying out first, as we’re always looking to help make the best purchases possible for our customers. Click on any product images on this page for more information, or the button below to contact us. We’d like to wish a great start to the month for all of our customers, there’ll be more posts to come as the month progresses.

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Holding Cort

We're happy to showcase our new shipment of Cort gear today, fresh from our supplier.

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